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titolo: Smells like summer:


abstract: the new fragrances for 2015


The evenings are longer, the mornings are brighter and the flowers are in full bloom. It's official now, summer is almost here with us, and this can only mean one thing: we have to celebrate! This season is all about feminine yet powerful fragrances, so choosing the right perfume for you might help you find a new summer in your step.

But what should we look for in the fragrances that will accompany us through the sunny season? Because a perfume is not only something we wear to smell good, it's also a memory of something we love, an image of us we want to give others, to fully represent us and make us feel special and unique.

Sophisticated florals are a splendid choice to start a summer morning with the right aura around you. Think about standing in a lush rose garden, after a rain maybe, and inhaling deeply. A crisp and airy fragrance is what you need to charm everyone you meet.

Zesty notes are surely something you can take advantage of, in the hottest days of the season: look for lemon, orange, bergamot and mandarin, scents that will make you feel fresh and revived, like a chilled drink when you're thirsty or like a vacation along the Mediterranean coast.

Aromatic musks will be a great choice too, making you in a glimpse feel feminine, elegant and sophisticated. Especially if combined with sweet but fresh notes, such as vanilla, sandal, amber, jasmin...this could be the perfect perfume to put on for a warm evening, while wearing your favourite summer cocktail dress, elegantly drawing all the attention around you.

And while you think and wonder about your next perfume, why don't you also take a look to the new Carpisa Summer Collection? It's full of ideas for the summer, of fun and joy, and it smells like summer too!

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