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titolo: World Cup 2014: a celebration of colors!


abstract: The 2014 World Cup, hosted by Brazil, starts June 12th. And everything from the mascot, "Fuleco the Armadillo", to the official song, “We are one (Ola Ola)”, screams color and glee.


The 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be the "World Cup of colors" - full of fluorescents, especially yellow and orange. There'll be bright blue in honor of the Italian national team (nicknamed “La Celeste”), and vibrant pink inspired by the South American symbol, the Cattleya orchid. And there will certainly be other tropical colors and an atmosphere that reminds us of the traditional Brazilian carnival. Oh! And we can't forget the inevitable colors of the Italian flag: green, white and red.

What are the symbols of the 2014 World Cup? Three victorious hands that lift up the famous trophy - two blue and one yellow, like the colors of the Brazilian flag - to represent the event's logo "Inspiration". The official song is "We are one (Ola Ola)", sung by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, together with the Brazilian singer, Claudia Leitte. “All in one rhythm" is the official World Cup slogan, while FIFA chose Tatu-Bola, an armadillo that curls up into a little ball to defend itself, to be the mascot. Its name? "Fuleco", coming from the combination of the Portuguese words for "soccer" (futebol) and "ecology" (ecologia).

Fashion, naturally, follows the trends of the 2014 World Cup: there's no lack of articles of clothing or accessories inspired by the "theme" - with prints of flags, soccer balls, tropical designs and colors of all the countries competing in the famous game. Carpisa dedicates a set of rolling suitcases - made from polycarbonate and ABS, coming in sizes S, M and L - to the 2014 Soccer World Cup. Three color variations: yellow with the Brazilian flag, and either blue or white with the Italian flag.

And that's not all. Caprisa has many different models of bags in World Cup and Brazil color-schemes:
#Yellow: Samona, in faux ostrich material; Elisabetta, bon ton and refined with a rigid construction and a small metal lock.
#Bright Blue: Enrica, casual and sporty, in bandoleer, queen and hand-carry styles; Egle, glamour spirited two-toned light/dark-blue.
#Blue: Sibilla, a soft, "no hassle" hand-carry shopping bag; Summer, comfortable and versatile nylon shopping bag with varnished details.
#Green: Clelia, fun and original varnished 80s style bag.
#White: Germana, soft satchel with metal strap for a glam-rock touch; Margherita, in vanity bag, duffel and handbag models - perfect for every day or the office.
#Red: Roberta, practical and spacious, available in shoulder bag, bandoleer, duffel, and shopping models; Antea, in shopping and bucket-style, is informal and functional enough even for trips "out of bounds".
#Pink: Appia, fuchsia, bucket-style, bandoleer and hand-carry shopping models for a young and casual look.
#Tropical: Vissia, a cross between shopping and duffel, made from typical Brazilian floral-tropical print cloth.

Since you've got jet lag anyway, there's nothing left to do but stay up until the wee hours and cheer: Come on Italy!

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