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titolo: Keep calm! Guide to surviving seasonal markdowns.


abstract: Sales represent shopping's “crucial milestone”, one of the most awaited moments of the season. How will you survive during these frenzied days?


Seasonal sales are surely the best time to treat or indulge yourself in an extra whim. But shops turn into rivers of people that elbow in their hunt for the “golden deal”. What can you do to get out unharmed and victorious? Here are some tips to bring home the longed for trophy: the discounted item or accessory.
#1 Make a list and set a budget: write down a list of things you're looking for to avoid buying a bunch of useless items just because they're on sale. And set a spending limit to avoid buyer's remorse.
#2 Better alone: no girl friends, boyfriends or moms. It's better to play this game alone, allowing you to be more agile and spontaneous, avoid unwanted advice and wasting time.
#3 At the beginning and end of the season: go shopping during the first days (when there's more choice) and last days (when the deals are better) of the sales. Opt for mornings and weekdays when there are fewer people. Whenever possible, avoid the weekend.
#4 Pay attention to quality and price: sale items are tried on and on again, which is why they're more susceptible to wear. Stains, missing buttons, broken zippers and tears are around the corner. And we certainly don't have to tell you to check prices pre and post discount, which must be written on the price tags.
#5 Essentials or whims: take advantage of sales to grab an “evergreen” item, such as the line's pants, a simple and versatile outfit, a black sheath passe-partout dress, a white dress shirt, a nice sweater, jeans. Is your closet already full of the basics? Then concentrate on a seasonal treat or something from the latest trend. This way you won't feel guilty if what's trendy today isn't trendy next year: small price, light heart!
#6 Set your sights on accessories: sales are the best time to buy yourself a new accessory: bags, belts, wallets - the toughest part is choosing. Carpisa's Spring-Summer 2014 collection offers diverse articles at discounted prices. Like the Nerea bag, available in baguette, small tote and hand carry styles and personalized with a woven handle, metal details and gold turtle pendant. Or there's the two-toned Appia bag from the casual and easy wear trend, offered in various handbag, bandolier and shopper models. And there's also Carmen: soft and elegant, it's the perfect evening bag - available in hand, queen and bandolier versions. Don't miss Carpisa's Candida wallets, refined with coin pouch and zipper, adorned with light gold details such as a heart-shaped pendant. And Basic (which comes in a variety of colors) is a practical solution with a coin pouch from Carpisa's clean and classic line.
#7 Online shopping: don't feel like throwing yourself into the free-for-all? Arm yourselves with a computer or tablet and purchase from the comfort of your home, navigating the web completely relaxed. The Shop Online section of Carpisa's website already offers many articles marked down by 50%.

Happy shopping and… Good luck!

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