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titolo: Let your luggage and pictures tell the story of your trip.


abstract: Franca Sozzani brings forth the emotions and excitement.


A journey is recounted through the suitcase and the pictures taken: visible testimonies of emotions felt and adventures lived. How many times have we collected our pictures in a sort of travel diary, and shared them with our loved ones so that we could share our own experiences with them?

Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italy, has decided to transform the memories created and emotions felt during our travels into something tangible: something to look at and admire like a masterpiece of creativity.

The main characters are the travelers and the photographs of their journeys, selected by the famed journalist on Instagram, with her specific tag #travellingfrancasozzani1, where Carpisa fans have uploaded their favorite travel pictures. Franca Sozzani has chosen 37 images, with urban and natural landscapes.

Amongst those chosen, the top 8 will be printed on 8 Carpisa Tattoo luggage pieces, the only collection of customizable trolleys.

On the 10th of April, during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014 (Milan Design Week), the eight Carpisa Tattoo trolleys will be sold at the new Milanese concept store, designed by famed architect Fabio Novembre, and all proceeds will go to educational scholarships.

The excitement of embarking on a journey has found a solid form: a personalized luggage with a striking photo-memory, created by a growing creative generation, and within… many dreams to accomplish and bring with you!

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