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titolo: Addicted to sales? Find out your addiction level!


abstract: End of season sales are at their peak. What’s your relationship with the fateful shopping time?


Rushing to find the best bargain? Grabbing the item you’ve been eyeing for months is your sole objective at the moment? Or rather you don’t want anything to do with overflowing shops and never-ending lines at the cash registers? Answer these 5 questions and find out what your relationship with end of season sales is.

#1 Sales are a synonym for:

  1. Unrestrained fun
  2. An opportunity to catch, if it’s worthwhile
  3. Guaranteed stress

#2 The week before sales begin:

  1. You patrol the shops to spot items to purchase with a discount
  2. You don’t do anything special
  3. You don’t even remember sales are about to start

#3 Someone steals away the accessory you’d been dreaming about for so long:

  1. It’s war: you’ll never give in
  2. You try to convince the other person to leave the beloved item with you
  3. It doesn’t matter, you’ll find something else

#4 You go sales shopping:

  1. By yourself, you can’t waste your time by giving advice to others
  2. With a friend, you’ll have a perfect day
  3. Possibly never!

#5 During sales, you especially like to buy:

  1. Accessories of any kind
  2. Outfits and jackets
  3. Socks and underwear

Answer A prevailing: You are a sales-addict
Sales are a very serious matter to you. You are a real expert in strategies and techniques to grab the best prey.
Be Careful not to become depressed once sales season is over. Relax.

Answer B prevailing: You are sales-balanced
Sales are a pleasant excuse to go shopping in the city or at the mall. Between a coffee and some chitchats with friends, if you find something nice at a good price, you’ll feel completely satisfied. Great attitude! Just be careful not to be too dispersive.

Answer C prevailing: You are sales-repellent
Going shopping during sales season is pure torture to you. The mere idea gives you a mental breakdown. The ideal solution? Online shopping: fast, easy and from the comfort of your sofa.

Whatever your relationship with sales is, the Sales channel of Carpisa’s website is for you: you’ll find numerous women’s and men’s items, at 20% to 50% discounts. Bags and accessories from the 2014 Spring-Summer Collection are waiting for you, with no need to fight!

Keep calm and take it easy.

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