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titolo: Carpisa and YamamaY - Blu Beach Paradise Story: dreamlike seaside, in a TV series to discover.


abstract: A new tv format focused on sea, summer and dreamlike locations. Carpisa and YamamaY will be protagonists in five exclusive episodes, located on the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Blu Beach Paradise Story, a name that contains the essence of the new tv series, on air on Rete 4 from Sunday, April 27th for five weeks at 3:50pm. The program puts on the beauty of the crystal clear seas all over the planet. A succession of extraordinary images: from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, from Polynesia to Maldives, from Madagascar’s wild beaches to the Greek islands, from pure Fiji to exclusive Mauritius, from the Virgin Islands to New Caledonia, from the Bahamas to Borneo, in the middle of nowhere.

Alessia Ventura and Alessia Reato are the intrepid travelers who will leave Palm Beach, in the Maldivian atoll of Lhaviyani, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, and will lead the audience towards incredible destinations. Together with the two showgirls, the fashion blogger Patricia Manfield will enrich the program with fashion treats.

Carpisa and YamamaY will be part of the TV series through five episodes, where the 2014 Summer Collections will be presented. Starting with swimsuits and beach bags, colorful and versatile, available in woven or tropical dream pattern models.

All we can do is dive into a fascinating sea and, maybe, get inspired for the next dreamlike vacation!

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