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titolo: “Bon Ton”: from Fashion to Lifestyle


abstract: In both fashion and way of being, a more discreet and refined style is back in vogue, celebrating good taste and elegance.


A graceful fashion, subtly comprising sophisticated details: sombre styles are in again, distinguished and uncluttered, painted in a range of classy tones. Bon ton is synonymous with style that expresses a timeless appeal. It’s about  harmonious proportions, colors, and coordinated accessories.  Carpisas’s Mara line proposes bags that are feminine and with classic lines, perfect to show off during the day in pink, beige, blue and black hues. Also Ester, in queen, tote or handbag versions with matching wallet, shows a neat and sophisticated style with a monogrammed print and contrasting details in green, coral, beige and white tones.

If to the word “moda” (fashion in Italian) comes from the Latin word “modus”, meaning “manner”, we juxtapose “Italian style” we get right at the heart of good taste, good living, and, why not, the code of etiquette, reinterpreted in a contemporary key and adopted as a way of life. Lina Sotis or Colette Rosselli, the women behind the pseudonym “Donna Letizia”, are knowledgeable experts in class and elegance, and have written manuals upon the subject, including “The New Bon Ton” and “Knowing How To Live”. Let’s go over some of their style suggestions.

#Smiling. Especially in public, avoid long faces and discontent. joviality must prevail! If it’s not your day, refuse an invitation rather than showing up sad and taciturn.

#Presenting yourself. Being overly formal when presenting one’s self is falling out of style, saying your name will suffice.

#Lightness. In your gesture and mannerisms, make sure you demonstrate lightness and simplicity. That is the real key to elegance.

#Discretion. Don’t show off everything you can show off in terms of your body, and don’t slouch and keep your back straight. Don’t boast showy jewelry during the day or accessories with excessively evident labels, and replace them with something more sober. Clothes and shoes should have an appearance of having been already used. Don't’ exhibit money. as that is bad taste.

#Bon appetit. At the table, we are led to believe that saying “bon appetit” or “enjoy your meal” is an act of courtesy, but in reality this saying before eating is incorrect. For the aristocrats, dining was an occasion to eat, create allegiances and synergies. Food was pleasurable accompagnement to the conversation, not the reason for meeting.

#Cheers. When toasting, saying “cheers” is a wrong habit. As a matter of fact, cheering is not pertinent to elegant situations. Etiquette has it that the glasses be raised with a sligth and discreet nod, without squealing of any sorts.

An icon of bon ton from whom to take example: Gwyneth Paltrow
A motto that applies everywhere, from the wardrobe to the house: “fashion fades, but style remains” Coco Chanel.

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