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titolo: Carpisa Tattoo, unique just like you.


abstract: Create your suitcase, customize it with your illustration or choose among Carpisa’s creative proposals. Do you possess artistic talent? Become a Carpisa Tattooer and “sell your suitcases”. All online.


Would you like to own or give a unique suitcase as a gift? Today it is possible with Carpisa Tattoo, the personalized suitcase. By accessing and following a few simple steps you can create and customize your suitcase.

#Choose your favorite trolley bag among the different sizes (small, medium and large) and the two color variations (blue or white).
#Upload a picture, an illustration or a writing you feel represented by, then position the illustration on your suitcase through the available tools.
#Purchase the customized suitcase: Carpisa will print your illustration on the suitcase and will home deliver it to you.

Are you lacking inspiration? No problem, Carpisa has created three different Galleries available for you to choose your illustration:

#Gallery Street Art:
For street art enthusiasts, a gallery of international artists. To make all your trips unique and freestyle
#Carpisa Gallery:
An archive of images full of ideas. Choose your preferred one and customize it with your own message.

#Tattoo Art Gallery:
If you’re lacking inspiration, discover the creatives by our tattooer community. Passepartout for originality.

Are you a creative or an illustrator? Carpisa has created the Tattooer Community, open to everyone possessing artistic talent; Carpisa Tattooers can earn a percentage on every sales of Carpisa Tattoo suitcases customized with their own illustration.

It’s very easy to participate:
#Follow the rules and the requirements: the website hosts all the guidelines to take part in the monthly challenge.
#Create your artwork according to the “theme of the month”, upload it onto the website and get noticed: every other week the most voted Tattoos will be selected and placed on the front page of the Tattooer Gallery.
#Earn 10% every time a suitcase with your artwork is sold, if your tattoo has been approved and displayed in the e-shop gallery.

With Carpisa Tattoo it is impossible not to feel unique!

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