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titolo: Flower Power: Why Did Flowers Come Back In Fashion?


abstract: “Florals? For spring? Ground breaking!” Said Miranda Priestly in “The Devil Wears Prada”. But this time she’s wrong. Because the “flower power” of spring 2014 fashion is decidedly strong, impactful and unencumbered by nostalgia.


From fashion catwalks, to Hollywood boulevards, passing by fashion victims: corollas, petals and leafs lay down the law. While the tech-world whizzes by at the speed of light towards tomorrow, the fashion one looks towards the past and brings floral prints back in the scene.

But what drives stylists, stars and the average consumer to pick such a well-known and consolidated motif? Nowadays, flowers represent a sort of progress in the concept of femininity: after decades of catwalk models dressed like men, robots or aliens, we are rediscovering how the “feminine side” in women’s fashion style isn’t synonymous with “desperate housewife”, rather with sensibility, optimism and strength. A beautiful exhibition, recently shown at the Gagosian Gallery in Paris, illustrated this concept through a collection of photographs by Inez & Vlnoodh, two absolute stars of contemporary fashion photography. In these shots, the creative duo juxtaposes flowers and brightly coloured portraits of female celebrities, all representative of a feisty, rather than delicate, femininity.

Go ahead, then, and sport your “Flower Power”, but be wary of the pieces your wear and how you pair them.
#While small flowers with discrete tonalities help enhance even imperfect body shapes, large brightly lit floral elements to the contrary, run the risk of resulting in the opposite outcome.
#For the more curvaceous out there, floral tube tops are the perfect pick, while others should favor trapezoid-cut dresses with flowers all over.
#If your strength is a teeny waist and thin ankles, we suggest favoring high-waisted dresses or flared skirts, preferably till below the knee, maybe paired with monochrome tops.
#Pants and jeans with floral prints, unfortunately, just aren’t for everyone: if one really can’t resist (after considering the weak points, hips and thighs), it is best to pair them with soft-cut knitwear or looser blouses, rigorously monochromatic.
#More interested in bags and accessories? Carpisa offers two markedly “floral” product lines. Venera, in queen or postman variants, with matching wallet, in an all flower print with neo-hippie inspiration. Vanessa, in satchel clutch and tote models, has a matching wallet, iphone cover and coin pouch; easy-to-wear and fresh, it is a true jubilation of flowers.

Now, let the spring blooming begin!

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