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titolo: Hand-bag: tell me what you put in it and I’ll tell you who you are.


abstract: What´s inside a woman´s bag? A shopping list, an unpaid bill, a lucky charm, a picture...and your personality traits.


The bag is a "miniature mobile home" for a woman, it contains her entire world. Emptying a bag and seeing what's inside reveals a lot about the personality and character of its owner. So what’s in yours?
#Makeup, mirrors, tweezers, perfume? You care about your looks, you are always impeccable and your look is surely trendy.
# Pacifier, teddy bear and baby wipes? Congratulations, you're a happy new mom.
# Photos of him,  of the dog, a postcard from the last holiday you spent together and a girly novel? You are an incurable romantic, eternally in love.
#iPod, iPad, smartphone, and book reader? You're a technology victim and always hyper-connected.
# Ladybugs, shamrocks and a variety of lucky trinkets? You're superstitious and a horoscope addict.
# Work calendar, bills, shopping list and a gym membership? How do you find the time to do all these things?

But also looking at how these things are arranged inside the bag speaks volumes.
All bulk and total chaos? You are dynamic, creative, energetic but also a bit disorganized.
The perfect bag for you is a maxi bag : big, roomy and practical. Like the ones from Carpisa's Spring Summer 2014  collection. The Antea comes in  bucket or handbag models, in basic colors and evergreen; Nerea, either in tote or sack models comes in a biscuit nuance so that it goes with everything; Genesia, gritty and fashion forward , is very roomy and practical; Vanessa, comes in either shoulder bag, hand bag or duffel bag models, with coordinating wallet, iPhone and purses with an explosion of flowers that defines youth and easywear.

Is everything in your bag geometrically organized with everything carefully placed in its rightful compartment? You are a perfect organizer, a perfectionist, rational but neither boring nor stiff.You take care of yourself and the objects that belong to you . The Carpisa Venera line, comes in messenger or queen versions, with wallets, make up set, manicure set and a mirror, all coordinated in floral fantasies that fully express your way of being. Your personality is also reflected in the Carpisa Placida, that comes in cream, black and leather, with classic and bon ton lines, in tote, trunk or hand bag versions.You can also try the Adelaide that comes in a light gray, with quilt stitches and a chained strap, in either a rounded trunk model, clutch or tote; or Ester, in queen, tote and handbag models, with coordinated wallets, comes in an attentive and sophisticated style with a monogram print and contrasting details.

Warning: if a man asks you to show him the inside of your bag , you will become an open book to him! But what could be more seductive than that...

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