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titolo: Leather and studs, what a passion!


abstract: Even in springtime, leather is a must. Nappa or chamois, in softer shades of bright colours, maybe embellished by small studs and ornaments.


Whether it’s a bag, belt or wallet, leather has always been the material of choice for fashion accessories. Soft, malleable into thousands if different designs, delicate yet resistant, leather is a must-have to wear in all seasons and pair with almost any outfit, from the most fancy and classic ones to more sporty or casual looks.
#Bags. For the 2014 spring-summer season, the latest trends regarding bags are favouring rounder shapes for large models, otherwise slim, super-flat pochettes. Carpisa has several models, such as Carolina, in satchel, shopper and hand-bag variants, in blue, leather and beige tonalities; the sportier Isidora, in fuchsia, electric blue or beige; Benvenuto, in black, ice and blue versions, all capacious and perfect to bring in the daytime.
#Belts. Belts are crucial, not just with pants but also with soft dresses, letting them slip on the hips or tight on the waist. Carpisa’s Lana line offers classic shapes that are easy to pair, either super slim or regular height, in many different colours including black, blue, fuchsia and red.
#Scarves & bijoux. Looking for something to highlight and embellish your bags? Go for silk scarves, tying them to the handles will add a touch of elegance to your bag. Carpisa offers them in several prints, like flowers, multicolour and animalier. Otherwise you could use coloured charms to customize and highlight your style. Like Carpisa’s ones, with turtles, hearts and flowers in countless colours, which may also be used as key chains. Not just jewels for bags though, Carpisa also introduced a new line of bracelets and necklaces inspired by Tiffany. We are talking about the Zaffiro line, with pendants in heart and bow themes, enamelled in light green, lilac, pink and dove-coloured.

A wonderful season characterized by leather, colours and jingling accessories!

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