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titolo: March 8: Women’s Day, a More Fashionable and Organized You


abstract: Reconciling the demands of work and family is one of the biggest challenges a woman faces. But you can make your life easier with a few tricks.


Kindergarten, school, gym, swimming lessons for the kids and yet another meeting you have to attend. Then dinner to prepare, the laundry ... In short, the daily routine of a woman is busy and scheduling everything is a real art - of which only women are the true artists.

If the optimal organization of time depends on the individual family and work mènages, look into "strategic" accessories that can certainly simplify the different moments a woman’s day.

#To contain the necessary equipment for an entire day out, the best accomplices are maxi-bags. Carpisa, with its Spring Summer 2014 collection, offers several capacious bags: Amina, in its trunk, tote, top handle bag, and shoulder bag versions, all in basic colors and evergreen;
Miriam,  comes in handbag and messenger  bag versions, in  fuchsia, black, white and beige.

# Clever accessories? You cannot miss the clutch-covers for the iPad and iPhone, a must-have to stay connected without ever sacrificing a touch of glam. Carpisa’s are rock-inspired and are customized by a star motif with small studs. And as for the staple purse cardholder, the Ester models from Carpisa come in different shapes and sizes, personalized with a  monogram print.

# Fast and essential beauty tweaks. The Venera line offers a make-up set, a manicure set and a mirror, all in different floral, romantic and feminine fantasies.
# March madness ... Especially in the spring, you leave the house with the sun, and a moment later, rain and wind catch you by surprise. Do not get caught unprepared, bring a small umbrella and a scarf. There are many colors and patterns to choose from in Carpisa’s collection of accessories.

Best wishes to all women: take it easy!

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