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titolo: May: the month of brides and ceremonies. What to wear and what to avoid.


abstract: May is the "month of brides" par excellence, but it's also the month of baptisms, confirmations and holy communions - occasions that, however pleasant, bring the inevitable question: "What to wear?"


May is synonymous with blossoming, the awakening of nature, ideal weather, sunny period, and the fragrance of summer in the air without annoying muggy weather or sultry heat. It's therefore the perfect month to celebrate matrimonies and various ceremonies. And lo and behold - especially when dealing with nuptials - lies the fateful question: what to wear? 

Let's start with the most common mistakes made when choosing an outfit to wear to a wedding.
#Never wear white. White is the bride's color, the protagonist of the day.
#Completely inappropriate look. Wearing all violet (considered to be an "unlucky" color) is discouraged; red (too aggressive) and black (associated with funerals) have also been shot down. If you don't want to give up black, liven it up with colored accessories.
#Avoid excessively low necklines, short, transparent or overly sexy attire. Follow the guidelines of good taste to avoid looking improper for the occasion, especially if it's a church ceremony.
#Long dress and hat. "Long" dresses have been outlawed for morning weddings, and pillbox hats are decisively "out" for weddings that take place after five o'clock in the afternoon.
Having sorted out what not to wear, there's your advice for an appropriate look. If the wedding takes place in the morning, opt for cocktail attire such as a pantsuit or a sheath knee-length dress. For afternoon and evening nuptials, you may go with long clothing, such as an empire-cut dress. Do you prefer the simple look - faint, plain and virtuous shades, pastel colors - or floral or whimsical prints? Black-white combinations are allowed. And don't forget the black-powder pink combo is also very elegant.
Talking about accessories, they must match your outfit. If your clothes have a simple design, it's okay to wear flashier pieces. But if your ensemble is already lavish, it's better to go with more basic doodads. Your purse should be dainty, such as a small shoulder or handbag. If you choose to wear dark clothes, go with a bright colored purse. Tone on tone is also classy. Forget big bags! Carpisa has many ideal clutches for weddings and ceremonies, ranging from simple models to jeweled versions. Enrica and Mara have clean lines revved up by intense colors, such as electric blue, orange and fuchsia - perfect for breaking up a black outfit or neutral nuance. The Federica and Cleo variations, available in beige and powder and tailored with small studs, create a decisive look to highlight simple attire. For the more sophisticated, there's the latest Chanel-style Adelaide model with matelassé and chain stitching. Does the ceremony take place in the evening? Carpisa recommends the Iris line of gold, silver and blue laminate bijoux clutches. Or there's always Rebecca with very elegant perforated trim, available in black and white. Minosa is also a nice choice, made from plissé fabric to offer a vintage grand soirée look.

Let’s celebrate!

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