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titolo: Always stylish, in the office too


abstract: Men also can be (or should be?) impeccable: with Carpisa it gets easier!


Think about it: we already have to spend most of our days in those rooms, walking down those corridors. Whether we like it or not. Shouldn't we think about being well dressed, while we're already there? In this matter we men often think that caring about an outfit is a boring thing to do, if not an exaggerated and shallow one. But we're wrong!

Let's try then to think about a few good ideas on the issue, and find some rules we can follow to always be smart, in our office too.

- Casual it's ok, but let's not get carried away! We know that, especially since a few young businessmen, like a Zuckerberg from Facebook, cleared the idea that you can be a leader even dressed with the very first thing you did find in your closet, the casual look is going strong. But we still need some boundaries: starting from the fact that our clothes should fit us in a proper way. Nothing makes us more sloppy than a pair of trousers which are too big, a shirt which is too tight, a sweater that underlines our tummy (yes, we're talking about your tummy, dear friend!).

- Blue navy and white: to always be sure of our choice. A navy blazer, a white shirt. Maybe you won't get noticed for your exuberance and creativity, but navy is always serious and sharp and a crisp white shirt is the building block of every man's wardrobe.

- Try to dare with your trousers! Once you're sure to be impeccable with the previous choice, you can try a surprise effect playing with chinos trousers, maybe indulging with some chromatic combination. But only if you have an eye for colours! If not, stick to the classic options.

- And don't forget the bag! Your work bag should not be just practical: it can be your best ally to complete your style with a touch of class. To reach this goal, you're already in the right place: Carpisa's Spring collection offers so many options! Like the real leather Charlie Organizer Bag, durable and elegant. Absolute comfort and perfect style are the main features of the Aristo Laptop Satchel, which can be found in two wonderful colours. For a more casual look, you can go with the Pacifico Briefcase, with its asymmetric cuts and perfect shape.

Now you're all set to look amazing: have a great day at the office!

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