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titolo: New bag? No, just well taken care of.


abstract: Nappa, nubuck and camoscio are precious leather hides that ought to be delicately and shrewdly treated. Some advice on cleaning, storing and keeping them looking "like new".


Leather, in all of its variants, is the most sought after and desirable material for fashion accessories, especially for bags. That's why Carpisa has always made different lines of leather bags - Benvenuto, Lucrezia, Carolina, Isidora are the latest collections. But leather isn't only the "must have" for women, men don't turn down leather accessories either. And Carpisa suggests a few: wallets such as Ron and Benny, belts such as Fenqui, or key chains such as Skin.
Soft and versatile, leather is also delicate and requires specific precautions be taken to keep it looking nice. But it's not difficult:
# Leather Bags: Are treated like all natural textiles and may be cleaned with an ordinary neutral cleansing cream, such as your daily face wash. If you have a leather Carpisa bag, try applying the cleansing cream with a cloth or, even better, a piece of cotton, focusing particularly on the areas that get the most wear (handle and edges). It's best to store your bag in a special box or container, and keep in cool and dry places so that the leather isn't ruined by humidity (which could alter its color). Stuff a little paper inside the bag to preserve its original shape.
# Bags made of Nubuck and Suede leather: It's advisable to clean them by brushing the surface with a soft-bristled brush. After having cleaned them, to recreate the nubuck effect, gently rub with a thin abrasive paper and dust with a clean soft dry white cloth. Never dry the leather in the sunlight or with a hairdryer.

But leather isn't the only textile that gets “treated”. Cloth, synthetic fibers and technological materials (such as polycarbonate) have specific maintenance rules:
# Cloth and synthetic fibers: To clean them, it's good to dust and spot-wash with a sponge or soft brush - clean using water and neutral soap. Dry far away from heat sources.
# Polycarbonate bags and suitcases: May be cleaned by gently rubbing a damp cloth over the exterior, and dried with a separate clean cloth. You can also use an interior car spray polish to eliminate superficial scratches.

In terms of treatment, cleaning and maintenance, Carpisa makes life simple. Every bag comes equipped with its own case, which is provided at the time of purchase. Moreover, you'll always find a tag inside the bag or suitcase that lists what materials it's made of, along with maintenance instructions. This way there's no confusion whether or not you can wash it, if it has to be dry-cleaned, or if it can be bleached, machine dried or ironed. And Carpisa indicates how to carry out every treatment process with simple graphic symbols that evidence the moderation level or lack of suitability.

Anyone can become an expert on how to care for precious leather and high tech materials.
New bag? No, “pampered”.

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