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titolo: Valentine's Day gets even sweeter with Carpisa Tattoo!


abstract: Customize your Carpisa suitcase in time for romantic love feast: you'll receive a 20% discount


Until the 14th of February, Carpisa Tattoo is even more funny and affordable. As you might already know from our site, since a few months Carpisa Tattoo was launched, to suit the needs of those who want a unique and unmistakable suitcase. It's a wonderful way to customize your luggage: if you visit this site's section dedicated to Tattoo , you can in fact choose and decorate your trolley with a drawing or a photo. And until Valentine's Day, you can have it at 20% off the original price.

How you do that? It's so easy: to start creating your suitcase you'll have to chose from three different sizes (small, medium and large) and two color variations (white and blue). Then you can upload a picture or a drawing, insert a writing and place the illustration on the trolley. But if your inner artist is momentarily on vacation and you can't find the right inspiration, Carpisa will help you with various Galleries to browse and choose from.

If instead you're feeling very inventive...then it's time to get busy: until the 14th of February you can join the creative call around the “Love Is...” theme: in the Galleries featured in Carpisa Tattoo, there is one dedicated to the Tattoers Community. Those who participate, submitting their creations and sharing them with the users of the site, will have the possibility to earn money from the suitcases sold with their customization.

And what could be a better source of inspiration then Valentine's Day? Don't hesitate, becoming a Tattoer is easy and fast, just subscribe in the dedicated section, follow the guide lines and join the month's challenge. You will earn a 10% each time a suitcase with your creativity is sold. For all the others...there's a 20% discount on all Carpisa Tattoo suitcases until February 14th! Hurray for love!

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