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abstract: Summer vacations are over and you can’t wait to update your closet? Find out what you’re missing.


September represents the end of Summer and the return to work or to school for the youngest ones.
Someone becomes melancholic, thinking of the days spent far from home with a small trolley bag; someone else gets carried away with the desire of renovating their closet, not to risk being unfashionable.
The second way is certainly more fun and it often becomes a pleasant adventure for women looking for a new style to flaunt when Fall comes.
There is no need of good reasons to go shopping but it’s always smart to think of what’s really missing from our wardrobe, in order to lend it an improved look.
Where to start?  Start from bags and accessories. They have a fair amount of eccentricity, which can provide a different and unique touch to your look .  
Carpisa proposes Nina, the satchel available in different color shades, from the warmest to the brightest, suitable for the most whimsical characters.  Practical and comfortable, useful both during the day and in the evening, to be trendy in every situation.
The wardrobe of a businesswoman cannot fall short of the timeless shopping bag, suitable in every instance, or a simple handbag, always elegant, even for a last minute dinner. Carpisa proposes Lara, in nuvolato material with metallic corners and Lina, handbag with removable multi-material shoulder bag, suede effect and coconut print in color nuances. 

Carpisa thinks about men, as well. For their practical and hurried personalities it proposes Bever, business bags in bi-material saffiano-effect and nylon. For a man who loves to feel chic in every occurrence.

If you are among those who are still looking for inspiration, discover the whole 2014 collection within the Carpisa catalogue.

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