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titolo: Spring 2014 Fashion: Upcoming Trends of the Season.


abstract: Spring is almost at our doors and we already feel like changing our look.


Coats, scarves and gloves will finally make way for lighter and more colourful clothing.
But what are next season’s fashion trends? Here’s a few essentials.
# Flowers, flowers and more flowers
From abstractionism to romanticism, from tropical to arabesque multi-colours: floral and garden prints are in the foreground, without nostalgia but with a lively pace.
# Italia mon amour
Soft, rotund, Mediterranean style. Solar nuances, joyful prints, mix-matching colours and glittering decorations, sequins and paillettes. Fundamental inspiration: the beauty and sensuality of the unmistakable landscapes of our beautiful country.
# Rock Me!
Energy, determination, rebellious femininity. Studs, metal garments along with silver and gold details cannot go missing, especially in your accessories. Like the Glenda bagsby Carpisa, fuchsia or electric blue with micro-studs, available in clutch, purse and handbag models, with a coordinated wallet.
# Masculine inspiration
Classic double-breasted jackets or short pinstriped ones; high waist multi-pleated trousers. A masculine style can be sexy and mysterious, absolutely chic with a pochette.
# Soft colours and classic styles, with a touch of glam
Kind yet rigorous lines, simplicity in the tenuous colours, sweetness of the blush shades: classic style is timeless, but with an added touch of glamour. The Carpisa Cleo and Cleo Queen lines express perfectly the season’s trend: white and blush palettes, classic lines and bon ton, but with small strass studs and light gold metallic details.
# Nature inspired: sand and desert
When fashion travels, it loves sand’s smooth shades, especially for shorts, trousers and kaftans. They can be paired with Carpisa’s Adelaide bag, in a light grey shade, with matelassé stitching and chained shoulder belt, in chest, pochette and shopper variants.

If spring still seems far in your closets, try and imagine it through Carpisa’s preview.
Springtime fashion: here we come!

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