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titolo: St. Valentine’s for Him: Presents from the Heart


abstract: St. Valentine’s day is approaching and along with this romantic recurrence comes the long-standing question: what gift shall I get him?


# For active sportsmen and those who love a casual style: look for clothing and accessories that reflect his dynamic character. A stone-washed denim shirt, a pair of two-toned sunglasses, vintage style sneakers, a bag in technical fabric. Carpisa offers several functional bags, postman bags, shoulder belts, with sporty lines and trendy colours, such as military green and camouflage.

# For the more classic and chic: elegant men that appreciate wearing classic accessories will be positively surprised by a touch of red, the color of passion. A pair of cufflinks with scarlet lacquered inserts, a red tie with micro-fantasies, stylish socks in different shades of red. Does he only wear black or somber tones? Carpisa has a collection of leather wallets and other accessories, in classic and elegant styles. Also, within the Renzo collection, the traveling duffel bag and the work suitcase are perfect for an urban classic look.

# For the tech-enthusiasts: make your tech-loving partner happy with a creative gift, like small gadgets capable of transforming smartphones and iPods into little controllable robots, such as Yo!Bot. There are plenty of online shops specialized in tech gadgets. If your partner is a fan of videogames get him the latest game or a new gaming console. How about an accessory? Carpisa offers highly technical iPad cases in several colours.

# For gourmands: organize an unforgettable St. Valentine’s day candle-lit dinner. And don’t forget to prepare some aphrodisiac  dishes; here are a few ingredients to inspire you: ginger, chilli, almonds, saffron, pumpkin, banana, asparagus, liquorish and chocolate.


Hurry up, the sweetest day of the year is fast approaching. Happy cuddles!

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