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abstract: Small lost objects, how to save time and space.


Have you ever thought how much time you spend every day looking for small objects which get lost in your purse?
If you are messy, don’t hope you’ll eventually change your nature, you should rather made do and think up some new tricks not to lose time in worthless searches.  Some accessories in your bag can be useful to solve these little daily challenges.
A possible solution is to place your smartphone in the wallet with smartphone holder Nadia by Carpisa, must have of the current season. This way you can easily locate your cell phone in a few seconds and you’ll also reduce the possibility for it to get scratched or damaged.  But most of all you’ll experience the convenience of having a single accessory with double functionality.
Very practical, instead, are double zip wallets, as they have twice as many compartments, therefore suitable for containing as much as twice as many cards and coins, in order to avoid having both a wallet and a coin purse. Carpisa suggests Fulvio, double zipped wallet in nuvolato material with metal neckline, available in different colors.
Last but not least, coin purses or necessaires fit to host articles of all kinds.  Marica and Flora are especially suitable for hosting all the various objects which would otherwise be scattered inside the bag. This will grant that, even when changing your purse, you won’t forget your favourite lipstick or, even worse, suspect you lost it.
Take a look at the new Carpisa catalogue and discover the accessories to keep your bag in perfect order.

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