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titolo: Light is better!


abstract: Tips and tricks to slim down your wallet


We all had that moment, when we looked at our wallet, watching it bursting at its seams, full with all that stuff, useful and not (especially not), we decided to put there. Carpisa's wallets, for men and women, are spacious and adaptable, but a few tips to slim down your wallet might be very valuable.

1. Use a bin, not your wallet: it's incredible how easily garbage can make its way into our wallets, sometimes in ways we don't even remember. And especially if we are fairly good persons, and we're always refraining from littering with our little pieces of paper, in those pockets will be easy to find almost anything, from bus tickets to coffee receipts to ATM receipts. Still, there's only one solution to this problem. A trash-can. So, the next time you’re close to one of those, and you have some time, whether it is in your office or on a street while you're waiting for someone who's a little bit late, take out your wallet and throw some of that stuff out. It will always be a good choice.

2. Stop storing business cards: It really depends on the business you’re in, some need to carry their own and collect a ton from other people. For the people that need to deal in business cards, finding other storage solutions such as a card holder or laptop bag will save you a lot of space. For those of you who don’t have a need for business cards, but still have a bunch in your wallet, take them home or to the office and store them there. We swear: you won't regret it.

3. Consolidate your reward cards: we have the ones from the supermarket and those from shops who offer useful savings to reward our loyalty: for all this, it's almost impossibile to avoid that our wallet gets super-full. But technology can help: try using this free app, Key Ring, that manages your store loyalty cards all in one place so that they can be scanned directly from your phone at the checkout.

4. Choose a slimmer wallet: if you think a slim wallet in this context is a contradiction and can’t possibly work for you, remember Parkinson’s law: data expands to fill the available space. And once we all agree on this...all you need is on Carpisa's e-shop. Our catalogue of men's and woman's wallets is wide enough to satisfy each and every need! Have fun shopping, and when, in a fast and convenient way, they will be delivered to your home...don't fill them up!

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