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titolo: Valentine's Day? Carpisa will handle it!


abstract: Ideas and recipes for a gift and a dinner to fall in love with


What do we do on Valentine's Day? Probably a lot of you are wondering. And maybe many are thinking about a dinner in some restaurant, clearly the easiest choice. But what if you stay home, and cook something special for your loved one? That could be something to remember! Still, you have to decide what to prepare, to convince your companion that you're always the right choice, also in the kitchen.

In these occasions, fish is often a favorite. A special recipe, at the same time traditional and creative, is Bouillabaisse. This fish soup, the ultimate Marseille's dish, is not very technically demanding. In the fish market you'll be free to chose. What you'll need are some fish waste to prepare a rich broth, along with vegetables like tomatoes, onions, celery and a good pinch of herbs from Provence, then you'll need to be careful not to overcook the ingredients. You want the fishes and shellfish that you'll use to be nice and firm.

Not everybody likes fish, though. And maybe the wintertime is advising you for something else. Like a tasty risotto, prepared with two excellences from italian gastronomy: Barolo wine and Castelmagno cheese. What you'll need is a great quality of rice (if you're able to find Carnaroli or Vialone nano rice, it would be perfect), a pot of beef stock, a bottle of Barolo and 50 grams per person of Castelmagno cheese, finely grated, that has to be added to the rice halfway through the cooking.

Could you have a Valentine's Day dinner without a sweet treat? A great choice could be an array of Valentine's Day cupcakes: they are funny and beautiful, very easy to bake (recipes are almost endless) and you can adapt them to your tastes. You can prepare them with chocolate or coffee, with strawberries or vanilla. The only limit will be your imagination, with the decorations as well.

Ok. The menu is ready. But...didn't you forget the present? Luckily, you're on Carpisa's website! If your loved one is a guy, it could be a great idea to look for an Amico “In” Briefcase, elegant and versatile. If your companion's a she, you could dare with the eccentric and vibrant Mirta Lady Bag! Anyway, you have so many options to chose from on our e-shop.

And so, once again Carpisa took care of everything: you'll just have to enjoy your Valentine's Day now!

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