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titolo: Faraway Love: a Suitcase Ready to Follow You


abstract: If Cupid shoots his arrow far away, one has to get organized


Long-distance relationships can arise in a number of ways: going to university far from one’s hometown, during work-related trips or a temporary relocation, and even simply on holiday. If Cupid aims far, things are more complicated and handling the relationship may be rather challenging. How can one get organized to get such a love-story beyond these hurdles?

# Main requirement: mutual trust. Long-distance relationships entail separate homes, different friends, independent activities; basically two separate lives. Distance surely doesn’t help a couple, but everyone choosing to live this type of relationship must demonstrate trust towards their partner. One must also remain positive because, along with many difficulties, long-distance couples have also on their side many positive elements: the urge to meet again, the joy that it brings after long periods apart, the absence of the daily routine that can monotonize even the most passionate love-stories.

# Plan an end to the separation. Organize your next encounters ahead of time and make plans for the future. Set a common goal and define milestones along the way, in order to manage the time that’s left until your reunification. How to defuse the tension: focus on what to bring with you for the next encounter. Clothes that make you feel at ease and valorize yourself, accessories that make your personality shine and, surely, a practical and comfortable suitcase. Like a rigid trolley, practical and resistant. All models in the Carpisa Go ABS rigid line are perfect for frequent displacements; they are available in several colours and fantasies, in various sizes.

# Communicate. Talk as frequently as possible, through diverse channels. Social networks are a powerful tool. But in addition to exchanging poignant love messages and telling each other how much they are missed, don’t forget to recount your day, in order to make your partner part of your daily life, almost as if you were dining together. This way you will strengthen your bond and avoid jealousy.

# Week-end isn’t real life. Once you’ll see each, other than cherishing the deserved hours of intimacy and freedom, try to carry out regular daily tasks and routines (such as grocery shopping and seeing some friends). It will be a great way to test your relationship and exercise enjoy ordinary life together.

# Surprise! “What I’d give to get on a train and come to you, now!”. Instead of constantly saying it, try and actually carry-through at least once. The surprise will be wonderful and it will be a nice moment to remember. For this occurrence, a small suitcase is necessary. Carpisa offers several models of pilot suitcases, all capacious, comfortable and well organized, in rigid or semi-rigid versions. Also the Carpisa Go trolley, in an XS or S size, is a great solution. They come in numerous colours, shapes and prints.

Faraway lovers, here are a book and a movie to pack in your suitcase: “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Long Distance Relationships” by Seetha Narayan. The movie: “The Accidental Tourist” by Lawrence Kasdan, inspired by the homonymous novel by Anne Tyler.

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