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titolo: Holidays are over… ready to go!


abstract: Happy 2014 everyone!


We’re all already back to school-desks or office ones, and the christmas holidays are but a fading memory; however, the craving for new journeys is still fervid. So, what would you say about a look at the ten coolest destinations of last year to overcome back-to-work- depression?

Sri Lanka, Montenegro, South Korea, Ecuador, Slovakia, Salomon Islands<, Iceland, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Madagascar

And to prolong our day-dreaming, here are the three most popular foreign destinations of 2014:

  1. Take advantage of the World Cup do discover Brasil and its glorious beaches, its natural reserves and – obviously – its frenetic night life!
  2. Cape Town is the 2014 Capital of Design: this metropolis has managed to prove how design and creativityare fundamental to the transformation of a city, creating not only an unmissable goal for tourist visits, but also a nice place to live.
  3. Rural China: because this immense country isn’t solely made of skyscapers and cement, but also hides small farming and fishing villages still anchored to multi-millennial traditions.

Whichever destination appeals to you the most, don’t forget to plan ahead for your trip.
These 5 stratagems to travel light, organized and in total safety will surely be helpful:
#1 A look at luggage regulations
As a rule of thumb, two luggages are allowed to be checked weighting a total of 23 kg along with a carry-on luggage weighting less than 12 kg. Our advice, however, is to check out the airlines’ websites to be informed on every aspect.
#2 Use rigid trolleys
For trips with several displacements, entrust the safety of rigid trolleys: they are more practical and resistant, such as the models in the Carpisa Go ABS rigid line, available in many different colours and sizes.
#3 Acquire a security kit for your luggage
A damaged luggage with its contents vanished: is there a worst way to start a holiday? Avoid unpleasant surprises at the arrival airport by using Carpisa’s security kit: combination lock, security luggage belt and tag holder to customize with your name, address and phone number and attach to your luggage.
#4 Bring a copy of your documents
If travelling frenzy send your head directly amid the clouds, stay ahead of the game: make photocopies of your essential documents (passport, I.D. and travelling tickets) and scan them to have digital copies in your email.
#5 “Mix and match” outfits for a well stocked luggage
When you are putting your clothes in the luggage, keep in mind the length and type of your trip: group same type clothing together to rationalize your suitcase and always pack an extra basic change of clothes. If you are travelling in a group distribute clothes and personal belongings in each bag.

Ready to go?

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