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titolo: Sea, the smell of sea: how to prepare for beach life


abstract: Late spring. Sun. Tepid breeze that warms the skin. How can you resist not wanting to go to the beach? Some advice on how to get ready for summer.


#Suntan: Even if it's still spring, we can't forget to protect our skin, unaccustomed to the sun's rays and stressed by city smog. It's a good idea to apply sunscreen to your face and body before exposing it to the sun, choosing the right level of protection for your skin type. From creams to oils to gels and sprays, the market has an infinite number of protective products to choose from. Another good habit to get into if you want to strengthen your skin cells, speed up tanning and make your tan last longer: take a dietary supplement with carotene and melanin enhancers.

#Hair: Don't neglect your hair. To avoid damage caused by UV rays and sea salt, use mild, protective and hydrating shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays and hair gels.

#Make-Up: Want to bring out the color and glow that a beautiful day at the seaside gave you? Count on iridescent and golden bronzing powders, applying to face and neck. To combine with eye shadows and lip-glosses in golden beige, sand, apricot and salmon pink tones.

#“Beach Wear” Accessories: Even looks await their “summer time”! Green light for shiny accessories in sorbet tones, such as makeup bags from Carpisa's Tullia line. Available in shiny electric blue, onion and lime green. Or the Serena iPhone case, made of rubber with stone applications; available in aqua green and cherry red. Not to mention fun and colorful key chains and charms, such as Funny and Cosetta. The beach accessory par excellence: the beach bag. Carpisa has many beach bag models - in various materials, forms, dimensions and patterns - in its collection. Corinna, in braided plastic with ethnic motif and wood button fastening; the glamour version, Carina, is still braided but comes with a cloth top and raffia bow; Tiziana, in streaked straw, has a hippy easy-wear feel; Fosca is also made of straw, with handles and bow in elegant and sophisticated ethnic print cloth; Cuzia, made of multicolored striped straw from the classic 70s style; Vissia, in fantasy, tropical-flower print canvas, from the exotic and super summery trend.

“I want to live like this, with the sun in my face…”

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