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titolo: Sylvester and Tweety : cartoons trendy!


abstract: The big black cat naughty but very nice and adorable canary by sweet eyes are transformed into a fun and colorful capsule collection of bags and fashion accessories.


Famous and beloved Looney Tunes characters , designed by American designers of Warner Bros, the Sylvester and Tweety ( Tweety and Sylvester in the original American ) come from the world of cartoons to enter the universe of fashion, with suitcases, bags and accessories.

Can not forget the incredible adventures of the ever hungry black cat that tries in every way to capture the canary Tweety , protected within its golden cage , or fluttering in the house. Beloved by the lady - grandmother , ready to chase off with the umbrella poor Sylvester whenever attentive to the life of the bird . In several episodes of the cartoon Sylvester, for how often we go next , never able to catch and eat Tweety , a little ' for his bad luck and clumsiness , but mostly because Titty , seemingly naive , it is actually very clever and ingenious . When Titty notice the presence of Sylvester the Cat in the neighborhood, perhaps disguised as a lamp or chair, chirps with its unmistakable lisp , "Oh, oh , I sembled a higher vision of a cat ." In addition to the granny , come immediately to the rescue of Titty also Hector, a Bulldog stocky and muscular, that trims the victim Sylvester sound of slaps . The quartet Sylvester , Tweety , Granny , and Hector is often found in various parts of the world , as the eccentric and adventurous grandmother like traveling .

And the passion for the journey of the " granny animated " , the idea here is to create a capsule collection of luggage, handbags and accessories by Carpisa in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products.
Two sets of trolley rigid ABS and polycarbonate , with subject Sylvester and Tweety , respectively, red and yellow, in sizes XS , S and M ; shopping bag in canvas with yellow and blue with Tweety Sylvester ; trunks, shoulder bags and hand bags print cartoons, with beauty case and matching clutch bag .

A Limited Edition " must have" for young women , girls and , why not, adults of all ages with the heart of a child.

Fantasy at full power !

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