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titolo: Terrified of losing or damaging your luggage? Don’t Panic!


abstract: You’re planning your next trip, just can’t wait to get away, but the fear of your luggage getting mishandled or (worse) lost in transit is sinking in? Here’s what you can do to avoid running into these mishaps.


Estimates say around 2% of luggage is lost by airlines. There’s even those that organize actual airport auctions for unclaimed luggage left for over a year along with all other items never retrieved by their owners. You could find anything: computers, cell phones and tablets, skis and snowboards, even children’s Halloween costumes. If upon landing you can’t find your luggage, declare it missing at the airline’s “Lost & Found” desk, filling in the sheet which will be supplied. This document will be sent to the airline’s customer support along with copies of the airplane ticket and boarding pass, and a letter indicating the value of the lost goods to establish a possible refund.

In order to avoid theft, there are luggage security kits which are extremely useful, such as Carpisa’s: combination lock, luggage belt with combination and tag holder to customize with your name, address and phone number and attach to your bag. If you seek even more peace of mind, Carpisa is the ideal travel partner with its insured suitcases, valid on any airline and to any destination. This way, if you have the misfortune of losing your luggage and the airline’s “Lost & Found” can’t retrieve it, Carpisa will refund the bag’s entire purchase price. The insurance is free, must be activated within a month from the purchase, and it lasts one year.

Your worst fear is seeing your bag arrive in shreds on the conveyor belt? Don’t fret, you can file a complaint with the airline to obtain a refund in this case as well. But not all suitcases are created equal, and the higher the quality of the materials used, the lower the risks of it damaging. Carpisa’s suitcases are designed, manufactured and tested following specific quality standards, in order to satisfy all the requirements of traveling. They can withstand falls and abrupt rotations, the have sturdy wheels, locks, zippers, handles and belts tested under “extreme circumstances”. The patented Turtle rigid trolley, with its unique and exclusive shape offering elevated resistance, designed in Carpisa’s Italian R&D labs. With an integrated TSA combination lock, practical and safe, water resistant and unalterable under the sun, Turtle is available in blue, red and bright white colours.
For trips with several displacements, rigid trolleys are always preferable, being more robust and less prone to breaking. The Carpisa Go line models in rigid ABS are perfect, available in several colours and prints, from carry-on to maxi sizes.

Now stop stressing out and enjoy your trip!

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