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titolo: The 5 golden rules for an “easy-chic” suitcase


abstract: It’s true, most of us women panic when it comes the time to pack suitcases, whether for a weekend, for a week or two, chaos reigns supreme.


So here are 5 pointers to never go wrong and pack your suitcase in the blink of an eye.

  1. First and foremost the choice of an appropriate suitcase, one suitable to the trip’s length, is of paramount importance.
    For a week-long trip the semi-rigid Carpisa Go Trolley size M is perfect, and it is available in a varied range of colours. If, instead, the trip lasts 2 weeks the ideal trolley is the size L of the rigid one, also available in different shades. Just a week end? Carpisa’s Pilotina is capacious, comfortable and well organized, in both rigid and semi-rigid versions.
  2. Traveling in total safety. Don’t forget to purchase a security kit, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises at destination… Carpisa offers all that’s necessary: a combination lock, a luggage belt with pattern unlock and a tag holder to customize with your name, address and telephone number to attach to the suitcase.
  3. Obviously a fundamental aspect is the trip’s destination: warm or cold?
    Plan ahead which outfits you’ll wear, suited to the type of vacation and the climate, so as to avoid packing clothes and accessories that you will not use and save space for some “souvenirs” to bring home.
  4. The must-have pieces of a respectable suitcase.
    A pair of jeans, some basic t-shirts, a black jacket, a fun dress and for a seaside trip also a bikini with matching pareu.
  5. Must have accessories and beauty-case. Yes to jewelry and belts, they occupy very little space and can add a touch of style even to the simplest outfits. Lastly, the beauty-case simply cannot be missing in a woman’s suitcase, and all the necessary things within in. Carpisa offers them in a variety of colours and models, all beautiful, practical and trendy.

Are you ready for your “shrewd suitcase”?

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