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titolo: Weekend Getaway: Find Your Destination


abstract: The year has just started and we already need to get away for a break?

testo: A weekend away is the ideal solution for a low-cost last minute trip, especially if you are looking for a romantic outing for an anniversary or St. Valentines.
Whatever the reason pushing us to depart, let’s seek the drive to our passions and the destination will follow.

What’s your drive?
#Entertainment: the locales with most guaranteed fun are Barcelona, Berlin and Dublin. All that’s left to do to get ready is choosing the friends to bring along and a light luggage.
#Romance: Paris, Prague or Vienna. Classic and timeless destinations for dreamy postcards.
#Art: London, Amsterdam, Budapest, Moscow will all enchant for their incommensurable beauty.
#Adventure: extreme sports or wildlife exploration, finding a formula for regenerating emotions or adrenaline rushes is actually quite easy: there’s no need to travel far, within a few kilometers you can find new adventures.

If you have chosen you destination you are basically ready to go, tell everyone that during the weekend all you need is to have fun and distract yourself, turn off your cellphone and run pack your bag.

Which bag to choose for the weekend? Surely a small and practical one, like the Pilot Suitcase. Carpisa offers a wide range of these, all capacious, comfortable and well organized, in both rigid and semi-rigid models. Also the Carpisa Go trolley in an S or an XS is an excellent travel companion.
Countless colours, shapes and prints, from cartoons to rock-inspired.
Ready to depart?

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