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titolo: A “green” Easter


abstract: Destinations and tips to spend the holidays into the wild


The moment when Easter arrives, is (almost) always perfect to rediscover the nature that surrounds us, that's slowly waking up after the cold months of winter. Spending your Easter in the green of nature could be one of the best possibile choices for the celebration of these holidays, particularly if we spend our lives in the middle of a city's concrete and especially if Easter, like it happens this year, comes when spring is already in full effect: if we're a little bit lucky, we could enjoy a nice little taste of summer.

A wonderful and not very popular destination will be Monte Amiata, an unusual corner of Tuscany. In between the provinces of Grosseto and Siena, from its 1738 meters of altitude it looks over the surrounding valleys, the lowlands of Maremma, the sweet hills of Siena. Activities are virtually endless: you can stroll around the woods on the foothills of this mountain, or you can visit the amazing wildlife park, where many animals can be spotted, from ibexes to deers to wolves, while they roam free in their natural habitat. If we add that Montalcino is just a few miles away, the wine enthusiast will too have good reasons to celebrate.

Still in Italy, but a little to the south, this time in between Calabria and Basilicata, you will find the Pollino National Park, the greatest one of the country, with an area of 200.000 hectares. It is really a magical place, where you can find again the embrace of an unspoilt nature. This land is still very intact and offers a wide variety of landscapes of absolute beauty.

If you feel like crossing the borders, a good idea could be telling your GPS to lead you to the Gorges of Verdon, in France. Starting from the Alps of Haute Provence, this is the longest and most impressive Canyon in Europe. This incredible beauty was originated by the erosion caused by the waters of Verdon river, building walls high up to 1500 meters, all the way down to the edge of a clear green water, and surrounded by a thriving nature.

But before leaving, make sure you have all the bags you can possibly need for your little trip: for this purpose the perfect destination will be Carpisa's website, or Carpisa's app for iPhone and Android! Happy Easter to all of you!

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