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titolo: A secret sea


abstract: Four pieces of paradise to reach by foot


The warm season is almost here, behind the corner there's the long weekend of the first of May, and the summer holidays start to look less like a far away mirage. That's why our thought starts to wander freely towards a lonely, sun-drenched beach.

To reach this long-awaited destination, it's often necessary to engage in a long walk, but in the end you'll be rewarded by a beautiful place to relax in. To help you with this task, we're going to give you four advices to discover these amazing beaches you can only reach by foot.

- Buon Dormire Beach - Cilento: an awesome beach just below the massive Palinuro Cape, where it's told that Ulysses was tempted by the mermaids' song. Today you'll be amazed by the crystal clear waters and the many grottoes that decorate the ridge. To reach the beach you have to go down 500 steps right on the sea.

- Cala Goloritze - Sardegna: calm waters with an intense colour, multifaceted rocks that stimulate the immagination. In the Baunei borough, near Ogliastra, Cala Goloritze is a secluded place which can be the perfect reward for the proactive swimmer. The suggestive trail starts from Golgo and is about one hour long.

- Remaiolo Beach - Elba Island: a gravel trail a little more than a km long, that crosses a wild and intact Elba Island, leads to Remaiolo Beach, in the Capoliveri borough. It's an exquisite corner of sand and gravel. A big rock separates it from another little beach, even more secluded and wild.

- Marinella di Palmi Beach - Calabria: in the northern part of the Viola Coast, a small path goes through the Mediterranean forest, and right beneath it there's the bluest of this region's sea. The sea beds of this beach are perfect for those who love snorkeling, too.

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