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titolo: Refill your energy with Carpisa!


abstract: Here comes the new Hardshell Trolley with the integrated charger


Come on, let's be sincere. How many times you had a mobile phone in your hands, a smartphone to be more precise, made a little bit less smart by the fact that its legitimate owner forgot to recharge it? And if this happens right before a trip it's even worse.

And it's not always our fault: the phones we're using by now are real high-tech machines. High quality photo cameras, screens with the highest resolution possible, applications always active in background make it impossible to get at the end of the day without having to recharge our fun and eclectic gadget.

Think of all the things you cannot do when your phone is out of batteries, the frivolous and the important ones. Calling your mother before leaving, otherwise she'll be worried, checking the office emails, take a selfie with a particularly charming steward or hostess, send a message to the person who will host you at your destination, downloading an app to have an offline guide of the place you're going to (by the way: here is a list of the best travel apps!).

Once again...Carpisa will take care of this! The brand new luggage from Carpisa is in fact the Energy Trolley with the integrated charger! This new trolley is not only very durable thanks to the anti-scratch ABS and PC it is made of, it is not only super-comfy with its expandable zip that increases the internal volume, and not only it is beautiful because of the unique and exclusive design. It's also a precious asset when we'll be in need of energy for our smartphone or tablet. The integrated charger of the new Trolley: another reason to chose Carpisa's convenient quality!

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