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titolo: A summer by foot


abstract: Amazing trekking trails for each and every taste


Summer is not only made for those who love to bask in the sun on a comfortable beach chair, perfecting the tan, reading a nice book and bathing in a clear-blue sea. If all of us like a bit of relax, holiday season is perfect also for those who instead take advantage of a few days off to tackle some walking trails, more or less challenging, and get away from the crowd.

Italy luckily offers not only beautiful beaches, but it's full of opportunities for those who like walking and trekking: we selected a few possibilities that can really be satisfactory.

- Cinque Terre: since 1999 this beautiful area, among the most famous and characteristic of Liguria, became a National Park. The route of the sanctuaries is really impressive, a compelling exhortation to trekking. Moving halfway on the mountain, it connects together small and ancient places of worship, but in addition to the historical and religious sights, it offers breathtaking views and unforgettable panoramas too. The climate during the summer there is obviously hot, so it's better to start the paths avoiding the hottest hours of the day.

- Sila: this area in the south of Italy offers many interesting possibilities for those who enjoy walking. But to talk about something special and original, it is worth saying that from Camigliatello Silano starts a night tour to discover the secrets of the wolf. Clearly, these are organized trekkings, that before the departure also provide lessons of experts who will prepare the trekker for this fascinating (and safe) adventure on the trails of this wonderful animal.

- Gran Sasso: it is the highest peak of the italian Appennino and is a concentration of exceptional biodiversity and landscapes very different from each other, that will indelibly touch those who will visit this region. The best way to enjoy this giant of central Italy is the Corno Grande trail, a route which is certainly a bit more challenging than the ones we talked about previously, and therefore it is recommended to those who already have some experience. But it surely can be very rewarding.

And before leaving...fill your Carpisa backpacks with everything you need!

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