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titolo: High altitude chic


abstract: The perfect outfits to catch a plane


Travelling always gives a special thrill. Especially when a new destination is waiting for us, a place we still don't know, so that desires and fantasies can run free in the days before the departure. A Carpisa trolley with all that we need, a plane ticket...and a nice and comfy dress for the trip!

Yes, because the importance of choosing the right outfit to get on a plane should not be underestimated. Let's try then to line up a few advices we'll need to remember at the right moment.

- Above all, confortable! Especially if the trip is a fairly long one, the comfort rate of our clothes will be more and more important. It will be best to stay clear from clothes that are too tight, particularly on the legs, like hot pants and skin-tight jeans or dresses. Choose a soft fabric, like jersey for dresses and gowns, or the always versatile leggings. This doesn't mean we have to say goodbye to style and femininity, we can be comfy also without some sweatpants on: we're getting on a plane, not going to the gym!

- The same goes for the shoes: we won't be walking a lot on the plane, but the highest of heels will make it more difficult to go around before the boarding, when, with our Carpisa trolley, we'll move swiftly form the check-in to the duty free shop, or a quick coffee. Open-toed shoes and sandals may tempt us when it's hot, but remember that the temperature on the plane is quite different, and there's the risk of having cold feet. A pair of socks is very useful instead, so that once on the plane we'll be able to take off our shoes and relax.

- Air-conditioning is also a good reason to dress with different layers, having a light sweater always at hand. For the same reason, a scarf or a pashmina for our neck is a must-have accessory. It's better to avoid too many rings, necklaces and jewelry, instead: it will be faster to pass the security checks, and we'll also attract less attention during the flight.

- A nice and comfortable bag is a must too: with Carpisa you're clearly spoiled for choice, but to catch that plane it'll be best to go for a shoulder bag (like the Hobo Bag in the Edvige series), so that your hands will be free to handle tickets, passport and all the rest. And don't forget to put in your bag a Carpisa beauty-case too: since the cabin air always dries the skin, a little bottle of moisturizer will be very useful.

Then we'll be ready: have a nice flight!

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