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titolo: The five best travel apps


abstract: For always being ready, even far from home


Travelling is often an adventure, a step towards discovery, therefore also towards what we don't know. But always being prepared for any circumstance, will not take away from us the pleasure of a departure! And with portable technologies, with our smartphones, it's getting easier and easier to have a precious ally in our pocket. Here you find a few of the most useful and innovative travel apps you absolutely have to download before leaving.

- Pocket Earth: it's a travel app for iPhone and iPad that will let you look at street maps and tourist guides from all over the world, also offline. For this reason it's very useful when you're in a foreign country and you don't want to use expensive phone traffic.

- TripCase: this is an app that allows you to plan and organize in the best way possible your trips, for always keeping track of appointments and informations. The interface is very convenient and easy to use, both before leaving and once you're back, so that you can remember well all the things you've seen and done.

- TripVerse: it's an app that instead is very userful to discover and plan travel itineraries that are out of the usual tourist routes, as shared directly by users. Based on the idea of a continuous exchange of informations, the app will invite you to give advices on inusual itineraries and destinations.

- iTranslat: a very useful app for those who are not that strong on foreign languages, or for all those who are headed to a country where the language is quite hard to learn. This app will translate any spoken phrase in dozens different languages. Never again...Lost in translation!

- Postagram: we are dealing with something more playful here, but we cannot always be serious, can we? This app for iPhone and Android will turn your Instagram pictures (and all the others as well) into postcards you'll be able to send to who you desire. The price for printing and delivering the postcard is $1.99.

And for everything else...there's Carpisa and its app! Thanks to the app for iPhone and Android you will discover products and series. And when you're planning a new trip, international or just around the corner, there's a tool where you can upload the infos on your travel and receive advices on the kind of luggage you should use or buy. And with the "Memo" function, the users can fill their virtual baggage, so that nothing important will ever be left out. You can download Carpisa's app right here.

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