Carpisa , brand owned by Kuvera S.p.A. , was founded in 2001 . In a few years it becomes a commercial phenomenon that can offer a stylish product with a unique value. The logo, a small turtle , identifies the brand from its birth; in a few years it develops a franchise network of more than 600 stores in Italy and abroad with over 500 employees working between the headquarter and on the territory . The close relationship between the Company and the Shop has always distinguished the Carpisa franchise chain , able to provide leading services and products in the field of leather goods and fashion accessories.



Since 2001, a young and enterprising management has projected the brand Carpisa in the world of franchising; its success is based on values such as : customers , passion for quality, team spirit , dynamism , creativity , research, development and competitiveness. Today we are present in several markets offering fashion products accessible to a wide range of customers in a high level context of communication and social commitment , interpreting the essence of all those who wish to create their own style. The Carpisa challenge is global: reach every corner of the world with a developed franchise in prestigious and strategic location. A group where we all feel actors and participants of a winning story .



A collection with rich and vast proposals , made by the Italian design with the right combination of quality and price , addressing to a broad target group of women aged between 20 and 45 years old who are particularly attentive to new trends and to men from the most diverse needs.
1 . The strength of the Carpisa collection: Range and assortment of products
2 . Product categories : Bags, Small Leather Goods , Luggage , Briefcases , Accessories,
3 . number of Collections 1 Spring / Summer ; Autumn / Winter ; Luggage



An area of over 10,000 square meters , a technologically innovative structure , designed with the aim to create a comfortable and inspiring working environment, able to communicate the philosophy of a company that has always expressed strength , dynamism and attention to design : this is CasaCarpisa , the headquarter which is located in the Nola Interporto where work over 150 employees. A place that includes highly equipped training rooms , creative offices , common areas such as the canteen, a relaxation area and a technologically advanced conference room for 250 people. This is done to be closer to the employees and to create a healthy environment and a friendly atmosphere in which the workers are supported in all their needs.

Marketing and communication

To Carpisa , the investment in communication has always been a driving force for the strengthening of the company and for the proper promotion of the products. The advertising materials are delivered to Italian and foreign stores. Catalogues are produced every year for a total amount of 6 million copies distributed worldwide . We have had partners and promoters of very relevant initiatives in the world of sports , fashion, beauty and culture. The Carpisa Collections are addressed to a predominantly young target, this is the reason why the brand has decided to involve figures like Federica Pellegrini , Matteo Manassero , the Italian water polo Team, Tania Cagnotto , Diego Occhiuzzi : young champions who transmit an energetic and vibrant image, linked to values of fair competition , which fully reflect the Carpisa style.