1. where is the carpisa store closer to my house?

To find out location and contact details of all the Carpisa stores in Italy and abroad you can see our Store Locator  , or you can call toll free 800 777 155. Our team will be at your disposal.



2. How can I get a copy of the catalogue?

You can pick up your free copy of the current season at any Carpisa store




3. Is it possible to buy previous collections?

Write to customercare@carpisa.it sending the product code you are looking for (you can ask to the staff of the shops) or a reference (image / catalogue page) to help us find it. Then it indicates your personal data to a contact and Carpisa store near you. 
We will look for the article between the stocks in our warehouse and, if available, we will send it to the Carpisa store you have indicated, within a few days

4. Is it possible to buy large quantities of items Carpisa directly from the head office?

Our products can only be purchased at the Carpisa stores. Please contact the staff of your store of trust, we will be happy to assist you and advise you.

5. Can I exchange an item that is not defective?

You can come back at the store of purchase, within 30 days, presenting the receipt and delivering the item intact in its original packaging, the staff will be at your disposal.

If it is a gift, who effected the purchase may have requested to the staff a "Gift Receipt", receipt useful just for changing article in case of gift. We invite you to check!

6. I'd like to open a Carpisa shop, what should I do?

If you wish to receive in-depth news on the 'opening of any Point of Sale Carpisa please call numeroverde free 800777155. Our team will be at your disposal

7. I would like to work with Carpisa, how can I send my resume?

It 's very simple, just visit the area work with us on our website. After a quick registration, you can choose to apply for one of the open positions or send us an unsolicited application. Best of luck!

8. How can I get help for my damaged item?

For any request for assistance, please contact the store from which you purchased, presenting the receipt. Alternatively, you can send a picture of the product to customercare@carpisa.it describing the damage. We will give you the best possible solution.

9. How to request spare parts for articles Carpisa?

Send an email with the photo of the article to customercare@carpisa.it, or ask for a shop.
When available, the parts will be sent free of charge in a Carpisa store you specify.
For articles from previous collections, Carpisa can not guarantee the availability of the part required.

10. When will I receive back the article that i left for repair?

The time required for repair is about 30 working days from your delivery at the point of sale Carpisa. For information with respect to the processing status of your article, please contact the store staff. We will contact you for our support.