10 essential items to be found in a girl’s bag

14 November 2015

10 essential items to be found in a girl’s bag

When you leave your home in the morning knowing you won’t return for at least 15 hours you know you can only rely on what you have on you. Well, you are not alone: welcome to the club of the “heaviest bags ever”. Friends and boyfriends are often amazed by the weight of our purse and wonder why do we need to carry all those things with us. But then, when they need anything from a tissue to a battery charger, they know they can ask us. So, let’s now see exactly what’s in our bags and which are the most useful 10 items you can not live without.

1. Keys: not just your plain home key ring, but also the car keys (or the scooter keys), the office keys, and of course the set of keys your neighbour gave you to take care of her plants while she is away.

2. Wallet: matching the purse, it only contains what’s most connected with survive the day and its tests. Documents, credit cards, and of course some love notes we treasure probably from an ancient era and the collection of fidelity cards of all our favourite shops.

3. Organizer: minimal or full size, it tell more of the personality of someone than their horoscope. Of course you have to double check every morning not to forget it on your home desk: it doesn’t matter if every date and meeting is also synchronized on your smartphone calendar, a cool organizer matching your bag and your style is a must.

4. Make up: how many purses can a purse contain? Of course you can not give up on the essential pouch with your make up to go: mirror, tweezers, mascara, lipstick. And its tween pouch with over-the-counter drugs: aspirin, tablets for headache and for stomachache.

5. Tissues: every woman knows how important is to be ready under every circumstances. That’s why in the bag you never fail to find at least one packet of tissues and one of wet wipes. Moreover, in a special pocket, discreetly concealed, are kept pads and tampons: emergencies happens, better be ready to save yourself or come to help a friend in distress.

6. Sunglasses: it doesn’t matter it’s winter and rainy. We just know how protection from UVA rays is important to keep a perfect eye contour area. They also come in handy when headache strikes or when we need to express our need to be left alone. You can not leave without them, period.

7. Technology: another small pouch to keep battery chargers, power sets, cables, external phone battery, earphones, and more cables.

8. A book: especially if you commute it’s the most precious ally to defeat boredom and transform a dull moment into a pleasure.

9. Snaks: food is often to be found in our bags. From the candy bag to the occasional fruit, the classic packet of bisquits or the modern cereal bar.

10. The mistery object: let’s just face it. In every bag there is something which has no clear purpose. Something we often even forget we are carrying around. A little infiltrator, a good luck charm, a reason to smile when we find it and forgot everything about it until that moment. Or just to get us mad when we are fumbling at the door frantically rummaging in the depths of our bag looking for the keys.