24 hours in Madrid: a day spent discovering the Spanish capital

09 October 2015

24 hours in Madrid: a day spent discovering the Spanish capital

Madrid is a wonderful city, and probably you're not finding this out today, reading this article. But what we want to offer you are some ideas for a day lived intensely visiting some of the most beautiful and representative spots of this European capital. What to do in Madrid in one day? Here's the program that we wish to recommend.

h9.00 – Get started with a nice breakfast. In Madrid there is a place not to be missed called Chocolateria San Ginés; it is always full, but when you have found a place, enjoy this classic pairing: hot chocolate and churros.

h11.00 - Take a lovely walk on the Gran Via, the city's main avenue that leads from the Metropolis building up to Plaza de España. Around you, you'll see shops that became old cinemas shops, many theaters, and lots of the true Madrid life.

h13.00 - Eat a traditional Cocido: it's a stew that the locals love, made from chickpeas, various types of meat, sausages and vegetables slowly cooked for hours. Among the most recommended places in town for this recipe are the Lhardy or La Bola.

h15.00 - Relax taking a stroll and find a corner to sit in the garden called El Retiro, which will for a while transport you to a bygone era, with its fountains, palaces and the beautiful rose garden at La Rosaleda.

h17.00 - Take a visit to the Mercado San Miguel: its metal structure is aesthetically attractive, but what you will find inside it is even more. The atmosphere is lively, and you can stroll admiring (or tasting) the widest selection of local delicacies.

h19.00 - Go see the sunset from the Debod Temple, which in 1968 was given in Madrid. This Egyptian temple has 2200 years, and is located on top of a hill with a wonderful view. And as soon as the sun goes down, the temple is illuminated, creating a stunning effect of light.

h21.00 - The neighborhood of Lavapies is one of the most fun, colorful and authentic of the whole city. Because here live many of the foreign communities of Madrid, it is a perfect destination for a fun and exotic dinner.

h23.00 - Many may not know, but Spainiards are enthusiast beer drinkers. So, you'll find many nice bars to stop for a "caña de cerveza" at the end of the evening, and it is a great way to mingle with the locals.

This is the way the day ends, and we hope you can have more to spend in Madrid: there's plenty of things to do and see. We also hope that you have with you a beautiful and comfortable suitcase for the journey: the selection that you can find in Carpisa e-shop will meet every need!