5 cities of art to be discovered in Europe

13 August 2015

5 cities of art to be discovered in Europe

Europe, or the old continent as it's called: a popular and desired destination also for its great and long history, which results in extraordinary architecture and cities of art of irresistible charm. Many of these are the great capitals of the different nations of the continent, but also many other towns, maybe a bit less celebrated and famous, should not be missed, both for the ancient art and for the modern and contemporary art as well. Maybe you could take advantage of summer vacations to spend a weekend discovering one of these beautiful cities! We have a list of five possible choices for you.

- Antwerp. We are in North of Belgium, in Flanders, in the most representative city of Flemish culture. Its river port is one of the oldest of European history, and since 1200 has made the city grow as a rich and influential town. Hence the many monuments and historic buildings we can admire walking around the center, or the fascinating diamond district, gem of which Antwerp is the capital. It is also the city of great painter Rubens. Today, however, Antwerp is primarily one of the most important places in the world of design and fashion.

- Dresden. Throughout its history this town was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt, but Dresden remained anyway a magnificent city of art, that many called the "Florence on the Elbe". The old town in particular is really full of historical monuments, baroque palaces, beautiful squares and romantic views to fall in love with. The Gallery of Modern Art is one of the richest in Europe and not far away from the city there are several fascinating castles to visit.

- Riga. Many tourists still do not even consider it as a destination, but the Latvian capital is really an amazing city. European Capital of Culture in 2014, it owns the largest Art Nouveau architecture of the continent with over 800 buildings built in this style, and is often called the "city of museums", showcasing more than 50. But Riga is also a young and vital city, with a dense program of musical and artistic events and a fascinating nightlife.

- Rotterdam. Less celebrated than the Dutch capital Amsterdam, it is a young, modern town, that came out reborn from the reconstruction after the Second World War, thanks also to many wonderful skyscrapers by international star-architects, such as Rem Koolhaas, Norman Foster, Alvaro Siza Vieira and Renzo Piano. The center is teeming with trendy shops and museums of contemporary art: the perfect place for enthusiasts of the coolest street-style.

- Seville. The capital of beautiful Andalusia is a seductive and spectacular city. The Cathedral is one of the most important churches in Christendom and contains several masterpieces of Spanish art. Not far away from it is the impressive Alcazar, the old Arab fort which then became the palace of the Christian kings, perfectly representing an encounter between religions and cultures that in this center has experienced one of its highlights.

Whatever will be the city of art you'll choose to visit this year, do not leave without a Carpisa Trolley!