5 tips for a successfull job interview

27 November 2015

5 tips for a successfull job interview

It can be the first or only the last of a long series: you never feel completely ready and confident on a job interview. The biggest concern is that you feel like you are offered a great opportunity that you don’t want to miss. This make your anxiety rise and this worry is exactly what make you not be at your best. Here’s 5 tip to keep anxiety at bay and to get to this important appointment not only ready and confident, but also calm and happy, in order to shine and really express our potential at its best.

1. Be prepared: first tip is not to underestimate the information to gather. Not only you want to be the person which fits best for the open job position, but you also want to do some research on the company offering the job. Take a look at the company website before the interview: it’s a great way not only to be prepared on what you might find during the interview, but mostly will let you have a more complete idea of the place you are hopefully going to spend most of your time.

2. Be on time: it may be obvious but you can not leave anything to fate during this day. So, be ready to get to the appointment with a good advance. This will help you to neutralise stress in case public transportation is running late or if parking is harder than expected. And if everything goes fine you can just spend this extra time to take a little calm-down walk in the neighborhood or maybe to stop in a cafe to have a snack.

3. Listen and talk: listen carefully, and talk even more carefully. Avoid single-words answers and try always to formulate complete sentences, without dwelling on details. And never ever ever speak ill of your former job and colleagues. Instead, be ready to ask some questions yourself, about the company and the role you are going to take on.

4. Non-verbal communication: what you say is what counts, but also how you say it is important. Keep eye contact with the people you are talking to, try to smile but do not try to conceal your worry which is natural and understandable. A firm handshake, no crossing arms and keep a calm posture and attitude, which helps you to come across as a reassuring and positive person.

5. What am I going to wear? This is the recurring question, even on “normal” days. The occasion is important and you don’t want to miss it. First thing to remember: it’s not the right day to wear clothers or shoes for the first time. You will want to stay away from any possible cause of stress and concern. For this same reason you are not going to make experiments with your make up and hair-do. Evaluate carefully the context: the company we are going to meet is very formal and tradition is very appreciated? Are we applying to a position with a creative span so we can reflect our personality in our style? To be sure choose a sober and professional looking outfit, and complete it with accessories to give it a twist, like a elegant yet practical purse, from Carpisa Collection.