A sunny summer: 5 tips for the perfect tan

10 July 2015

A sunny summer: 5 tips for the perfect tan

It's finally summer and we are so anxious to get rid of our clothes, to be kissed by the sun: this puts us in such a good mood, and it makes us brighter and more beautiful. We all want and like a beautiful golden tan, and a long-lasting one too; but to avoid sunburns and get a healthy tan, there are a few simple rules to follow: before, during and after sun exposure. Let's see what you have to do.

- Gradual exposure: don't stay too long in the sun in the first few days. The first tan is due to the melanin immediately available, but is destined to disappear quickly. Only after about a week the lasting tan begins to form. In addition, the skin is more fragile and burns more easily. After the first few days, you can gradually increase the duration of your exposure, but always wearing a proper protection.

- Always safe: even if you have a dark skin and don't get burned easily, never forget to use a good protection. Apply sunscreen products before going out in the morning, and renew it frequently, especially in case of intense sweating and after prolonged swimming. Apply sunscreen even on dark skin and if you have a nice tan, possibly reducing the protection factor.

- Look at the clock: the best hours for a healthy tan are in the morning until 11 am and in the afternoon after 15. Between 12 and 15 the sun's rays are at their maximum intensity, and so is the risk of skin damage.

- Forget the perfume: to go sunbathing you do not need to wear any perfume! Any alcohol-based liquid on the skin can stimulate irritation, allergic reactions and increase the chance of getting burned. And there is no more captivating fragrance then the perfume our skin produces when exposed to the sun.

- Defend your tan: once we obtained a beautiful amber color, the purpose of everyone of us is to keep it as long as possible. This will be easier if we avoid taking hot showers, excessively rubbing our skin. It's better to shower with warm water, patting your skin with soft fabrics to dry up. Continue using after-sun creams even when the holidays are finished, avoiding the use of alcohol-based perfumes until the skin is tanned.

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