Autumn at the door of the Black Sea: the charm of the Bosphorus

23 October 2015

Autumn at the door of the Black Sea: the charm of the Bosphorus

It is long like a river but also characterised by the colors and the scents of the sea: even in autumn this sea arm that sneaks into the wonderful city of Istanbul is a real attraction not only for tourists but also for the inhabitants of the Turkish capital, that very often for the weekends choose its shores to stroll and relax.

Despite being very busy for the continuous passage of ships and although its coasts were not spared from intense overbuilding, the charm of the Bosphorus has managed to remain intact. Also because most of this has always been part of the spirit of this place: in past centuries the Bosphorus was teeming with little boats carrying the sultan and his court from one building to another, between Europe and Asia.

Also, on its banks once the sultans did build villas, palaces, houses to move in for the summer to escape the heat of the city. The Bosphorus was then the summer Riviera for the wealthy noble families and even today you can see these beautiful residences overlooking directly the sea, this way imagining the splendor and luxury of a glorious past.

To appreciate the beauty of the Bosphorus starting from Istanbul, the idea may be to reach the port of Eminönü from where ferries depart, passing under the Bosphorus Bridge, past the small Ortaköy Mosque, Dolmabahçe Palace, the Çiragan building and a succession of very white palaces, but also the amazing Fortress of Europe, Rumeli Hisan, just at the narrowest point of the Bosphorus.

It is worthwhile to continue in the navigation to a stop just before the Black Sea, where in this season you might be greeted by a thick fog that could make you believe you did arrive at the end of the world. Instead you just walked through the door that leads to Asia, in Anadolu Kavagi. And from there, the exploration can only continue...

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