Autumn colours: shades and nuances for a romantic season

07 October 2015

Autumn colours: shades and nuances for a romantic season

Summertime is now just a fading memory, everyday life has resumed and the first cold days of fall are not cheering us up. Yet, fall is full of sparks and inspiration for fashion and style: from the fashion week to the opening season of festivals and red carpets, it’s impossible to resist the temptation of daydreaming a whole new look.

Actually, until the weather is not too chilly, this is the time of the year we really can indulge in experimenting: not only we are allowed play with fabrics and textures, in order to renew the favourite summer clothes into a more warm version, it is also the moment when we discover the “must have” for the next months, until springtime. Be it a colour, a texture, or a special cut: while we wait to make it ours, here’s some tips on the elements we can play with in order to refresh our look.

Trending colours:

Colours are the key of a fresh and original look: this year Marsala is king. This nuance is not easy to match: it’s a leading colour, with a lot of personality, and it hardly gives space to other colours. Try to introduce it into your usual palette, matching it with more neutral colours like light cream for a warm outcome, or steel grey for a more defined contrast.


Ochre, browns, Sienna: all the colours that are found in nature during this time of the year, and that lead the imagination to a timeless style made of country houses, misty hills and fireplaces. If your wardrobe is well stocked of items in natural tones, you can just make them new by matching them with a bright accessory. Yellow, turquoise or vibrant purple can create a new balance in the most classic patterns, and make your autumn palette more original.

Greys and blacks:

Days becoming shorter and shorter, rain becoming more and more frequent, and you don’t feel like sporting too bright colours. No problem: we can have fun with blacks and greys as well. Just set everything on materials and textures: leather, suede, natural fabrics or hi-tech cloth. Every material has its own personality and can be the unexpected component of a ton-sur-ton look.

And now that we chose the colours for this season...let's find out the best combinations! Carpisa's Fall Collections 2015 awaits you on our e-shop!