Christmas presents: a shopping day… online

17 December 2015

Christmas presents: a shopping day… online

Christmas time is approaching and with work dinners, get-togethers with friends, weekends on the snow and so on it looks like the time to go browsing shops in search for the perfect gift is never enough. If the shopping time is shrinking as the days are getting shorter, the only way out is optimisation. Make a list of the people you still need to buy a gift, follow our tips and in less than an hour you will defeat that vague sense of anguish you are feeling right now, and you will be enjoying the season in its full merryness. And did we mention you don’t even need to go shopping out in the cold?

For mum: it’s always a challenge to find a gift for her. She claims she doesn’t need anything and even if we are now grown adults she looks at us and always sees the broken students who need to save up and don’t fret about her. Surprise her with a gift to celebrate her grace, to show she still is and always will be your role model.

For him: be him your partner or a very hard to please brother or your globetrotter best friend, one thing is for sure: he will love a present that sums up elegance and pragmatism. The biggest pleasure? See how he’ll be proudly wearing your gift already on boxing day.

For her: you’ve known each other for ages, be her your sister or your best friend you feel like you’ve likely given her all sorts of presents. On Christmas day go beyond her expectations with a customised trolley: choose a meaningful picture from a travel you took together or a special symbol of your friendship. And hide inside the trolley the airplane ticket for your next trip together: after all your adventures she is still the best travel companion you can imagine, isn’t she?

For the kids: every year the same dilemma. Something useful that will make the parents happy or something fun that will make the kids happy? This year no compromises allowed, with a choice where useful and fun come together. And then, it’s never too soon to nurture style.