Elegance & travel: Giulia Dini tells us her secrets for a fashion suitcase

24 June 2015

Elegance & travel: Giulia Dini tells us her secrets for a fashion suitcase

Giulia Dini is not only a talented and much followed Instagramer: due to her business job, she's very often traveling around the world. That's why she's perfect to explain us how to be elegant and fashionable without carrying around our entire wardrobe! Giulia has also recently chosen for herself the wonderful new Carpisa Stripes backpac, a travel accessory must!

When I think about elegance, what automatically comes to mind is the expression "less is more". For me elegance is the opposite of flamboyance, it means choosing an elegant style, sophisticated materials and details. To understand and know how to appreciate elegance, it means making an extra step, going beyond what's visible to all, what even a superficial glance would notice. It means noticing something special behind what apparently might seem very normal or too simple.

"Less is more" is a concept that I learned to apply even when I prepare my suitcase. I travel frequently, both for my work and for my leisure, and with time I learned that traveling light is much more efficient. In the past, often because of my indecision, I found myself with a suitcase full of clothes, and at the end of the trip I had worn maybe half of them. Back home, I felt a sense of defeat: because of my doubts I had to carry around an extra bag, which means more weight, more fatigue and more washing machines. When you start to travel very often, you know that you have to choose. And to make a suitcase thinking about elegance, makes life easier.

I do not have precise rules. The mini-dresses for example are a must and often a lifesaver for me, for they can fix your look in an instant. Among them I always have with me the classic little black dress, but also something colorful, especially in the summer. When I prepare for a trip, I always put in my suitcase some basic clothes in neutral colors. These, generally skirts, pants and jackets, are the ones that I wear more than once during the trip.

Shirts, tops and tees, along with several kinds of accessories, are the elements that help me find a different and new look every day, without having with me the whole wardrobe! For me though, elegance lies not only in formal or evening dresses. When I travel, I always bring casual clothes too, to wear when I take a little time off to explore the place where I am. And also a simple and convenient accessory like this Carpisa backpack can be elegant and comfy! Because maybe elegance is an attitude.

Giulia Dini