Geometric textures: refined expressions for everyday accessories

04 November 2015

Geometric textures: refined expressions for everyday accessories

The eye must be pleased: in fashion as in art, the pursue of beauty is deeply connected to pleasure coming from the sight. Nonetheless, the harmony of colours and shapes is just the first step towards a personal and unique style: the touch must be please as well. Sure enough the last trends are reconsidering the importance of the sense of touch as complementary to the sight, and this newly gained importance is now almost even to the importance of sight.

The research for the perfect materials is also a fundamental element in fashion, and even more when talking about accessories. The feel of a fabric, the quality of leather, the preciousness of the metallic details: all these concur to define the character of the item. And even more in this case you should not just please the sight, but give most attention to please the touch. With sight and touch competing for the title of the primary sense in fashion, the most important element you should be aware of is textures.

Mixing shapes and colour with geometric patterns opens to an infinite range of possibilities, with each and one of them conveying a specific mood. A diamonds pattern paired to a vivid colour, for instance, dilutes its impact and, highlighting the texture of the fabric or leather, shows the preciousness of the item with a perfectly chic allure. In the same way, a pattern with horizontal diamonds can make even the most oversize shopper look gentle, moving the attention from the size of the item to the unique treatment of the materials.

Of course it’s always possible to play with contrasts: an inlay with a geometric pattern creates a diversion, making the bag even more eclectic in its mood and in its combinations. In the same way you can mix two different materials or two different textures but being them both on the same color tone: this makes lively and fresh even the most classical designs, with no need to go too far with experimenting on colours.

And we could not forget to mention the most classic texture ever: the quilter pattern. This can not be missed by anyone who wants to be ready of every occasion. A quilted bag is always totally precious and classy: moreover, if the classical texture is combined with a modern design the possibilities to sport the bag become endless and the overall result will be a polished but modern style.