Halloween in a few lines: all you need to know about this day

31 October 2015

Halloween in a few lines: all you need to know about this day

The upcoming Halloween party, now celebrated too by more and more people in Italy, is however an anniversary that has nothing to do with our culture. Even if in our perception this celebration is mostly an american thing, it is rather a day originally celebrated every year on October 31 in Northern Europe.

In particular it had its origin in Ireland, where it was also known as the "Night of the Witches". Mainly it coincided with the arrival of winter, then with the end of the harvest period, sealing the end of a season and the time to make stocks for the great colds of winter.

To celebrate this passage, they felt the need to pay homage to the gods, or the saints: the name derives from All Hallows' Eve, the eve of All Saints. Irish immigrants in the United States brought this custom to the New World too, and there it reached its popularity, becoming a national holiday.

Among the beliefs related to Halloween, there is one for which that night the spirits are free to roam the Earth, and among them one in particular who would pass from house to house, asking "Trick or Treat". That's why children in America dress up on that evening and go knocking on doors collecting sweets of all kinds.

In our country, however, this practice has not caught on: grownups dress up here, almost staging a sort of second Carnival, stylistically more focused on an “horror” theme. How to celebrate Halloween then? If you do not want to limit yourself wearing something that makes you look pale and menacing, you can dedicate yourself decorating your home, maybe for a themed dinner.

Besides dancing skeletons, fake cobwebs and things like that, do not forget the pumpkin! This seasonal fruit is both a perfect decoration and a great ingredient for a party dish. But why the Halloween pumpkin? The Irish legend says that the classic pumpkin emptied and lit from inside with a candle is actually the face of Jack O'Lantern, a man that one evening invited the devil to have a drink at his house, but since he was not a good Christian, the demon took him back Hell with him.

But in the end, if all these legends are not made for you, it's not a problem. There is always a great way to celebrate a holiday, even if the celebration does not move you: shopping! For example...did you already check out thenew arrivals on Carpisa's e-shop?