High temperatures: natural remedies to front a muggy heat

29 July 2015

High temperatures: natural remedies to front a muggy heat

When the heat gets wild, whether you're in the city or anywhere else, it's always difficult to feel at ease, to find the energy to work or do whatever we have to, and we're also victims of aesthetic imperfections caused by high temperatures. So how can we deal with this prolonged heat? There are a few tricks to do that, here you'll find some!

Aquatic refreshment and regeneration

Although we really feel like having one, we should avoid cold showers even in the more oppressive heat, because the feeling of freshness is only temporary and once it's gone we'll start sweating even more. The perfect water temperature must then be around 37 °. And if we "ardently" want to immerse ourselves in a very cold liquid, it's better fill the sink with water and a few ice cubes and let our hands and arms slip into it up to the elbow, keeping them there for a few minutes: our blood circulation will bring a feeling of freshness throughout the body.

Clean skin, fresh skin

Our face needs careful and thorough cleaning throughout the whole year, but more than ever in the summertime. A good cleanser and tonic are useful in any season to remove from the skin makeup, dead cells, and residual pollution, but by removing impurities, it also helps the skin to remain fresh and breathe better. A scrub, on the face but also on the rest of the body, can also give a feeling of virtual freshness, oxygenating at best our skin. And if the repeated washing tends to dry the skin, it's best to always moisturize after bathing or showering with non-alcoholic, water-based, lotions, insisting on the most dehydrated parts.

Brilliant, not shiny.

With a hot, humid weather, sebaceous secretions tend to increase: so even if oily skin has never been our problem, we can find ourself with a greasy face after just a few hours. Let's try to replace the usual day care with a light fluid or gel, with no added oils, which is intensely moisturizing and equipped with sunscreen: because even in the city in the summertime the sun gives off dangerous radiation and favors the phenomenon of photoaging due to UVA and light. Finally, to make your make-up last longer, try to dissolve an aspirin in half a glass of water, then dab your face with a sponge before applying your make-up, it will work!

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