In shape for the summer - 4 exercises to have beautiful legs

26 June 2015

In shape for the summer - 4 exercises to have beautiful legs

Summer is (probably) the best season of the year: this is a good reason for not ruining its arrival, which should be only a party, with thoughts and doubts about how fit we are, or how we're going to look like with our swimsuits on, and stuff like this. To prevent such an assault when we least want it...we just need to do a little exercise! And do not make that face, it's easy, we just need a little commitment and perseverance. Starting from the legs, so that we can show 'em with pride.

10 minutes a day could be enough to slim your legs and keep them in shape. Here you'll find 4 simple exercises you can do at home to make them more tonic. The only thing is: remember to do these exercises every day.

- The lunges are a great training to tone your legs. Stand with your legs together, take a step forward and go down to bend the front leg, forming an angle of about 90°, keeping the torso quite straight and the other leg almost touching the floor. Then return to the starting position and repeat the movement with the other leg.

- The exercise of the chair may seem hard, but you just have to try it, because it is very effective. You start with the back against the wall and feet apart. Bend your legs until they form an angle of 90° between the calf and thigh, as if there was an invisible chair. Maintain the position for 15 seconds and then return to the start.

- The squats are certainly very popular. To do them it is very helpful to have a bench or a low table. Not to sit on it (it's a workout!), but to understand when to lift your body back up. Spread your legs so that your feet are in line with the shoulders, and while keeping your back straight lower yourself until you touch the seat bench and then get back up slowly.

- For the last exercise, lie down on your right side, bend your right arm and put it under your head. Keep the left arm on the ground, in front of the belly. At this point raise the outstretched leg with the foot bent at 90°. There's no need to lift up your leg that much, it's enough to feel your muscles contract. Go up and down, without touching the other leg, with a fast pace, then turn and work on the other leg.

When will you go on your holidays? We bet that if for a month you'll get busy with these exercises every will be in great shape! And to celebrate that, bring along the refined and colourful Carpisa Summer Collection!